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Best iOS 7 Jailbreak Apps

Jailbreaking your iPhone brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips. With so many apps and tweaks for iOS 7 already available on platforms such as Cydia, the number of customizations and improvements you can achieve is almost endless. Whether you have recently jailbroken your iPhone or have had yours jailbroken for a long time, you will find the following jailbreak apps to be extremely helpful and fun to use. You can find most of these apps on Cydia and while most are free others are offered at varying costs.

iCleaner Pro

One of the biggest iPhone annoyances is the accumulation of clutter. With an iCleaner scan you can get rid of any unnecessary files such as message attachments, browser cache and application cache. Your phone will run better and have more storage space.

Download iCleaner Pro Here


activator icon

Running different operations on iPhone can be tedious. Navigating to that specific task takes time and when you are in a hurry it can be quite frustrating. To make operations easier, you can download and install Activator. This app gives you the ability to assign various actions to different tasks. For instance, a certain on-screen gesture can activate a certain task instead of you having to navigate to that task and activate it.

Download Activator Bigg Boss on Repo


tetherme icon

This is a premium iOS 7 jailbreak app that is ideal for those who want to share their iPhone’s internet connection. Using the app, you don’t have to pay for the tethering feature with your specific carrier. You can easily browse using a computer or any other device using the iPhone’s connection.



Another premium app that has the same function as the popular desktop AdBlocker. While browsing on Safari or any other browser on your iPhone, you can block intrusive ads using this app allowing you to browse in peace.

iCaughtU Pro

iCaughtU Pro Screenshot

There is always the risk that your beloved Smartphone could get stolen. Security is therefore of paramount importance. The iCaughtU Pro is an anti-theft app that goes beyond the usual activation lock feature. In addition to locking your phone once it is stolen, it also captures an image of anyone trying to unlock the phone using an incorrect code. It sends this image together with the current GPS location to the owner’s email address.


Battery Safe App Cydia


All too often, iPhone users find themselves in a bind after the battery runs out unexpectedly. To ensure that you get to use your phone for longer, the BatterySafe tweak detects when the battery is low and automatically turns off any service such as WiFi to conserve power.


infinidock logo infinidock screen

With this app, you don’t have to be restricted as to the number of apps you can add to your phone’s dock. You can add as many apps as you want and easily access them by swiping your dock horizontally.

iFileiFile Logo

iFile Screenshot
This is easily the best and most popular file manager app for any jailbroken iOS 7. Using the app you get easy access to every single file on your Smartphone. In addition to accessing files, you can also carry out various actions such as copying and pasting, moving, importing from other devices and uploading to the web.

Get iFile here 


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