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Bring Your Apple Device To Life With Cydia For iOS 8

If you would like to have the iOS 8 feel before it is fully released this fall, you may be in luck. For someone who knows their way around Beta releases of software, you may download this version of iOS from the store right away. However, it is rather buggy to handle if you are not very conversant with software that is still under testing. Some tweaks from Saurik’s Cydia are way ahead of schedule, even as ardent jailbroken iOS 7 users await for more releases. Here are some tweaks you may enjoy from Cydia for iOS 8.


This much acclaimed tweak, developed by Bill Labus, brings the multitasking capability to the Apple devices. When installed on a typical iOS 7 run device, it can be configured in such a way that allows the user to do more than one things at once, with the primary control base being an app switcher that looks a lot like Zephyr.

Vertex for Cydia App

In addition, you may do things like managing the background (much like configuration of a theme), adjustment of brightness and changing the corners of app cards to a rounded appearance. You may then toggle other device preferences to your taste, with the help of some additional apps like FlipLaunch. Vertex can easily be downloaded from Cydia, with a small fee.

Predictive Keyboard

Cydia Predictive Keyboard

iOS 8 comes equipped with a predictive keyboard. This has not been possible to have in lower versions of the operating system, although jailbroken devices could access some third party keyboards which do the same thing. Cydia has been offering (and will continue to feature) these types of keyboards, which learn as you type – and become very smart, very fast. The iOS 8 keyboard will not be any different, almost as if it borrowed the concept from apps already featured on Cydia.  You can grab a copy of the Predictive Keyboard for Cydia here


Itouch secure for cydia
Apple users with untethered jailbroken devices can make use of this feature. Typically, iTouchSecure allows the user to use their fingerprints as a way to access all those apps which you have, without typing the password. It applies the autofill feature – saving you the time and trouble of repeating the process every time you sign up. This tweak is available on Cydia – and is what is being promised with the release of iOS 8. Download it here


Argus for IOS app
When the iOS 8 was announced on June 3, one of the most exciting apps that came with it was designed to integrate all the information about your health, from all the different apps on the device. However, someone who has a jailbroken iOS 7 – run device may enjoy the services of Argus, which basically does the same thing.  Grab this app to link to your Fitbit!

Fast Replies For Messages

If you want versatility in messaging, iOS 8 apps are for you. They come with a rich array of gestures and support silent mode. They function much like the popular Whatsapp messenger, with image and video support. For users who would rather have these privileges before the release of the operating system, Auki is one of the best apps for the job; available on Cydia. The bottom line is that a Cydia for iOS 8 emulation allows Apple device owners versatility as they wait for the latest release of Mac OSX.

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