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Using the ProTube HD Cydia app

ProTube HD is rated as a top Cydia app and is described as a tweak which makes the user experience of the YouTube a lot more enriched. It is not simply another tweak for the YouTube. It comprises of a full suite for YouTube’ers which is experienced on the iPhone. The chief features comprise of an HD and also SD ... Read More »

Do you know: What is iPhone cydia?

Cydia planet retina

If you have friends that have a jailbroken iPhone, then you must have heard them many times talking about Cydia and the amazing apps they can get off it. If you always looked dumbfounded when hearing them talk about this and wondered what is iphone cydia. We will help you clear up the mystery since in the next part we’ll tell you ... Read More »

What is Cydia and Why is it So Special?

If you own an Apple device, chances are that you may be wishing that there were more to it than premium apps from Apple Store. This is where the concept of “Jailbreaking” i-Devices came from, way back in 2008. One of the best tools that have been developed by third parties to help in this issue, is Cydia. So, What ... Read More »

Best iOS 7 Jailbreak Apps

Jailbreaking your iPhone brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips. With so many apps and tweaks for iOS 7 already available on platforms such as Cydia, the number of customizations and improvements you can achieve is almost endless. Whether you have recently jailbroken your iPhone or have had yours jailbroken for a long time, you will find the following ... Read More »

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