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Reinstalling cydia after uninstall

Reinstalling Cydia after uninstall You may find yourself in a situation where you intentionally or accidentally uninstalled Cydia from your iDevice and need to reinstall it. The uninstall may be as a result of recent iOS upgrade or you just wanted a fresh start with Cydia due to problems encountered in your previous version. This article outlines the steps you ... Read More »

Useful tips: How to unlock an iphone 5

After a long wait and many months of saving money, you finally managed to get your hands on an iPhone 5. The phone that you have wanted more than your first bicycle as a kid. But before you can show it to your friends and tell them how amazing this phone is, you notice that it’s locked and you cannot use it but with ... Read More »

Do you know: What is iPhone cydia?

Cydia planet retina

If you have friends that have a jailbroken iPhone, then you must have heard them many times talking about Cydia and the amazing apps they can get off it. If you always looked dumbfounded when hearing them talk about this and wondered what is iphone cydia. We will help you clear up the mystery since in the next part we’ll tell you ... Read More »

How to backup iphone in 5 easy steps

Cydia planet retina

Like many people who use an iPhone, you certainly have some sensitive and valuable information stored on it that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. And since you carry your phone with you everywhere you go, chances are that sooner or later you might just lose it. However, you don’t have to worry too much about this, since you can ... Read More »

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