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Do you know: What is iPhone cydia?

If you have friends that have a jailbroken iPhone, then you must have heard them many times talking about Cydia and the amazing apps they can get off it. If you always looked dumbfounded when hearing them talk about this and wondered what is iphone cydia. We will help you clear up the mystery since in the next part we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Cydia.

what is iphone cydia?What is iPhone Cydia and what’s it used for?

What is iphone Cydia? Simply think of it as an alternate version of the AppStore. The major difference between the two is that on the AppStore, Apple decides what apps can be put up for sale and the ones that don’t make the cut. Well, the ones that Apple rejects you can in fact find on Cydia. The apps here feature lots of settings, tweaks and functionalities. Features that you would never be able to see in an application sold on the AppStore. That’s what makes Cydia so popular.

What apps can I download from Cydia?

There are hosts of applications you’ll find on Cydia. They’ll be able to offer you functionalities that you can never dream of seeing in the apps available on the AppStore. Some of the things they can do include:

  • downloading files directly to your iPhone,
  • changing the operating system’s basic flow and interface,
  • creating your own ringtones,
  • allowing you to use themes for customizing your phone,
  • syncing over Wi-Fi and many more.

Are the apps on Cydia safe?

Whether downloading apps from Cydia is safe or not is a topic of debate. This is because if you look at what Apple is doing, you see that they closely review apps before they are made available for sale on their store and if they find something they don’t like, they won’t approve it until that feature, tweak or functionality is removed. Shortly said, the AppStore is very well controlled by Apple. On the other hand, Cydia has no middleman who can perform these verifications and see what exactly can a certain app do after it’s installed on your device. Therefore, if you agree to jailbreak your device and install apps from Cydia, you’ll do it on your own risk. You cannot expect Apple or anyone else to provide you support if something goes wrong. In practice, there are very few if any reports of apps that make your iPhone unstable. Especially to the point where you cannot use it anymore and have to perform a factory reset. The people who support Cydia have a moral duty of making sure everyone has a great experience using their apps. Because of that, they do go the extra mile to ensure they work properly and won’t cause any problems. As you can see, if you need some apps that you cannot find on the AppStore. Because Apple is a control freak! That won’t allow but certain apps to be put up for sale, then Cydia is the perfect alternative to it. Here you can find thousands upon thousands of apps that you can easily download and use while taking advantage of their full functionality.

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