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Install Cydia with Openappmkt

Install Cydia with Openappmkt

What is Openappmkt?

Openappmkt is an alternative to App Store, and even to Cydia.  It was a great idea when it came out, and its still available if you want to give it a go.

First thing to do is head on over to and fire it up.  You need to do this on your phone and in Safari, Chrome wont cut it this time.


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You are presented with a bunch of apps which apparently you can download.  However clicking on them just gives you the chance to add them as a bookmark with a tile on your home screen.  Go ahead and pick one. You see an icon on your screen showing you to add as a bookmark.

Quick history of Webapps on Openappmkt

When the smart phone revolution began with the original iPhones the big thing was web apps.  These were the best way of viewing web pages on your phone.  Web apps took normal web pages and showed a cut down phone version.  This was meant to make sites easier to read and navigate on your phones.

Webapps were a half way between standalone apps and a normal web page.  The difference with standalone apps is that they can store data on your phone when not connected.  If you remember at the time the iPhone came out there was little 3G, and no 4G.  Data was expensive and it made sense to keep data refreshed when connected on wifi.

For web apps you need to be connected to the internet, less of  a problem now with easy access to data.  However with the advances in HTML webpages have become responsive. If you are reading this post on your phone it will have been resized to fit.

This has essentially made openappmkt redundant.

How to “Install” Cydia with Openappmkt…

If you do end up in Openappmkt then you will be presented with a number of Cydia options. These look like real versions of the apps, however when you go through the book marks you will see that they are no more than linked blogs.

What is our verdict of Openappmkt?

Well for us its had its day, if you have a spare few minutes give it a shot, but all the free apps are on App store, and all the web pages that it points to are either spam or so out of date that they are the internet equivalent of the magazines you find in a dentists waiting room.

Should you bother with Openappmkt?

Short answer – Nope

Are you sure I cant install Cydia with Openappmkt…


The best way to install cydia is to head on over to and download the app.  It takes just a few minutes and you will have a jailbroken phone capable of installing all the latest tweaks and sources.

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