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Download Tinyumbrella To Save SHSH Blobs From Cydia

What is TinyUmbrella and why you should download  it? How to download and save SHSH TinyUmbrella from Cydia? If you have similar questions in your mind, then stay with us to get the answer of your question.

What is TinyUmbrella? 

TinyUmbrella is an application which allows you to save your SHSH blobs of the iOS device. It also helps to restore the firmware. You can easily downgrade the firmware with the backups if you do not like the current firmware. Every time you download an application from Cydia Store, Cydia will automatically save a copy of your SHSH iOS device to your server. Registered versions are available on the Cydia home screen when you launch it.

You can restore any iOS firmware versions whenever you want with the help of TinyUmbrealla. The step by step guide will help the users to keep a copy of Cydia SHSH.

Steps to Download TinyUmbrella 

Step 1: Download TinyUmbrella online from its official website. Read carefully before you download the software. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, so be sure to download the game to your operating system. Install the application on your computer. The installation is very easy.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer and open TinyUmbrella. Click on the device and a list of registered SHSH in Cydia server immediately appeared, as shown in the picture below.


Click Save SHSH button to view all available for your iOS device from Cydia SHSH download.

Step 3: Click on Advanced tab. Uncheck “Request SHSH From Cydia”. Save SHSH again. You can easily change SHSH directory to any folder or path in your computer. 


For those who want to save a certain SHSH, disable the “Save SHSH all available”, and select only the version you want to keep. In a minute, you should be able to the message to be “saved SHSH successful”.

You can also save your SHSH to a hard drive or USB external flash. This is to avoid the uncertainty in life. In short, it only takes three simple steps to save SHSH with TinyUmbrella all, why not do it today? We invite you to comment if you have a problem during the backup process SHSH.

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