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How to fix: Cydia Failed to Fetch iOs 9 errors

Failed-to-fetch-Error-in-CydiaIf like most of us you are a Pangu user, you might be struggling with Failed to fetch errors.  In this short post we will show you how to clear basic Failed to Fetch issues on the recent release of Pangu.

So what is happening here and how do you fix it quickly without bricking your phone?

Cause of the Failed to Fetch Error

This error normally appears after Cydia is Launched on a Pangu iOS 9 device (ipod/iPhone/iPad).  What then happens is that Cydia can no longer access its database  of repos or packages and they will not open.

What that means is that for now Cydia is not functioning on your device.  You cannot just quit and relaunch Cydia.  Some have suggested the old restart holding the volume trick.  But that is not effective either.

Unless you want to go back to the start with a fresh installation of re-jailbreaking your phone this is the only fix:

How to Fix Cydia Failed to Fetch iOs 9 errors:

Cydia Failed to Fetch error clearing


So basically what you are doing is:

1) Turning off all WiFi data sources and using cellular data.

2) Going into the app, then sources tab.

3) Hitting the refresh button

4) Keep refreshing untill the status bar says “Reloading Data”


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