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How to jailbreak your iPhone and install cydia

Cydia is an application developed by Jay Freeman that runs on iPhone operating system. It functions as a “package management system” or online shop allowing users to download application useable on jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Most applications available via Cydia are free 3rd party, and they cannot be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Cydia store also offer several applications for sale, not available in the app store.

Downloading and installing Cydia is tricky because it is not available through Appleâ’s official app store. You must use a jailbroken phone to install Cydia. However, the benefits are worth the effort especially if you fancy having a lot of apps on your phone. This article will teach you how to jailbreak and install Cydia on iPhone Operating System.

Supported devices

Virtually all iDevices are supported.  However not all operating systems are.  Its important that you check that your operating system is supported by the software that you are using.  If your device is not supported, do not attempt to jailbreak it yet. It will not work and you will potentially damage it and/or lose your data.

For example Evasion Jailbreak supports the following:

Evasi0n Slider

iOS 6.0/ 6.0.1/ 6.0.2/ 6.1 for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 5G, 4G and iPad 4, 3, 2, Mini

You cannot install Cydia on iOS7 Devices, Saurik has not released a compatible version yet.  If you google Cydia ios7 all you find are details on how to install an icon for the app.  Not a full functioning package.


1. Download a jailbreak program.

You must jailbreak your phone in order to install Cydia. This is because it is a third party application that is not available via Apple’s applications store. Download a jail break tool such as Spirit Jailbreak, redsn0w, Limeral, and Pwnage Tool. The procedure differs depending on the jailbreak tool you decide to use but don’t worry.

The secret is to visit the specific too’s website and follow the instructions given for your specific operating system. Some of the tools including Limera 1 n, blackral 1 n and greenpois0n, come with Cydia as an attachment. Other tools require you to manually download and install Cydia using internet connection.

2. Select install Cydia:

On the option list that come with your jailbreaking software. This ensures that the tool will come with Cydia installer readily attached. Tick and agree to the tools terms and conditions. Upon successful installation of the jailbreak tool, Cydia will appear on your screen.

Click proceed to open and update Cydia.

3. Connect you device to the internet

If your tool does not come with Cydia as an attachment, as is the case with BlackRa1n. Select install Cydia on the too’s application list. Once jailbreak is complete, search for a blank application on your iphone. It may be named Uploader, but this may differ depending on the tool you are using. Click and open this app

4. Click Cydia

Once the loader application opens. Then, select Install Cydia and wait for it to install completely. In case the jailbreaking tool asks you to remove it upon installing Cydia, click cancel and go to your home screen. Check for a shortcut to Cydia.

5. Open Cydia.

It will initialize its file system since this is the first time you will be running it. Be patient as this may take a couple of minutes; normally 3-10. The application will close once this is done. Go back to the home screen and launch the application again.

6. Choose the appropriate user group for Cydia.

Varying packages will be availed to you depending on the category you subscribe to. If you wish to browse and download basic apps, subscribe to user’s category. The other 2 categories (developer and hacker) are appropriate for individuals seeking advanced use.

7 Update the Cydia Databases

Cydia will prompt you to update its databases. Click to do so and wait for the updates to download fully.

8 Select complete upgrade

Once you are prompted to upgrade the package. Wait for the download to complete, and click
confirm to finalize the upgrade.

9. Finally, close it after the upgrade is complete.

It’s now ready for use. You can browse its database to find and install apps of your choice.

Congratulations you have now installed Cydia.  To check out some of the best apps available click here

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