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iFunBox Review the Cydia App replacement for Installous

iFunBox ReviewIf you hate iTunes as much as I do, then you’d be thrilled to hear that there is indeed an alternative to it and it’s called iFunBox we review it here. iFunBox allows you to easily find and then install applications to your mobile device, but at the same time it can also be used for managing the files on your other Apple devices, including your iPhone and iPad.  This app is one of the many apps that appeared after the loss of Installous

On top of that, if you have files that you want to transfer to your computer, you can easily do so. That’s because not only does iFunBox feature optimized file transfers, but at the same time it also offers you an upgraded browsing experience.  If you have any feedback about our iFunBox review please leave  a comment?

Features of iFunBox

With iFunBox you’ll no longer have to worry about syncing your devices, because that’s like so yesterday. No matter how many files and folders you want to transfer from your mobile device to your computer and vice versa, iFunBox is up to the task.

To install it, you need to get it via Cydia and when the installation is complete, you can consider it a “set it and forget it” type of app. It will continue to work flawlessly without you having to do any tweaking whatsoever.

Asides from transferring files, you can also install apps, transfer movies, ringtones, music e-Books and even browse the file structure of your device. In fact, as you can already tell, this app will save you a lot of time when it comes to managing your files.

And if you have certain apps installed that you haven’t use for a while and want to know more about them, iFunBox has a special function for that. Using App Inspection, you can find everything about any app, but at the same time you can also search directories for specific files and extensions.

iFunbox Games

Pros of iFunBox

  • Ability to navigate the file structure of your mobile device.
  • Reliable and works fast.
  • Simple to use UI.
  • Use your mobile as a hard drive

Cons of iFunBox

• No dedicated section for music.
• You cannot find out more details about your files like it’s possible with installed apps.

Download iFunBox here

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