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IOS8 jailbreak achieved already!

Ok so this news is a couple of weeks old. But it has happned, before most of us have even got our hands on the new beta for iOS8. a user going by the name i0n1c (Stefan Esser) has accessed the SSH shell. If he can access the shell, then the good news is so can anyone else. He did this on a 5th gen iPod Touch. Don’t beleve it? Check out his tweet here

I just leave this here …

SSH iPod Touch

The bad news is the rest of us will have to wait and see how it is done.  At the moment we will have to wait for a public exploit to come out.   i0n1c has never before released any of his exploits.  We just have to hope that he shares his knowledge that the community soon.

By the time iOS 8 is released the public exploit should be out.  Just watch this space!


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