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iPhone 6 and Cydia Jailbreak News

Ever Since its launch last week the public have been desperate for news on a possible jailbreak for the new iPhone 6.


Twitter has been full of comments about how and where to get the next jailbreak hacks.  Not only for the new iPhone but also for the new iOS8.

Sadly it looks like we are going to have to wait for news.  Hopefully this won’t be long.  The biggest name in the jailbreak market evaison took about 3 months to fully break the iOS7 and post user details.

With the new phones hitting stores this month then we should see something by December.

What are the challenges in jailbreaking the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)?

This could be difficult.  Apple have introduced new features into the hardware, most notably NFC technology.  This allows users to pay at the touch of the phone in thousands of stores across the country.

Normally NFC is hard coded into bank cards.  iOS will have software access to the chip to modify it for each user.  This means that the new iPhones will have to be far more secure than previous models.

 What can we expect from the new iOS8 Jailbreak?

No time soon!

Every version becomes more complicated and difficult to crack.  Apple may have overlooked a vulnerability that allows someone to get in, and we look forward to it.  It could be weeks or months before this is discovered.

Watching out for the scammers!

With the integration of the NFC the new jailbreak could be a gold mine for scammers.  Never before have you had to entrust your bank details so fully with Apple.  There have always been passwords and codes to enter.

Now NFC is here then it may be possible for hackers to allow your bank details to be skimmed from the NFC chip directly.

If you are an early adopter, you may want to wait until any  break has been fully field tested.

Sites like this can help determine if any release is safe to use.

Fake Cydia packages!

Look forward to the app store filling up with fake jailbreak articles and how to guides.  It has happened in the past and will happen again.

You can always count on fake iOS 8 jailbreaks and fake iPhone 6 jailbreak tools to tempt users into filling out surveys or asking for donations. We saw this countless times with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s, and the only surprise is that there aren’t that many fakes yet.

Don’t pay money for an iPhone 6 jailbreak or fill out surveys for an iOS 8 jailbreak unless you are making a donation to a recognized legitimate jailbreak.

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