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Reinstalling cydia after uninstall

Cydia after uninstall

You may find yourself in a situation where you
intentionally or accidentally uninstalled Cydia from your iDevice and need to
reinstall it. The uninstall may be as a result of recent iOS upgrade or you
just wanted a fresh start with Cydia due to problems encountered in your
previous version. This article outlines the steps you will need to follow to
reinstall Cydia back to your device and continue enjoying its amazing features.

remove all Cydia components

In order to reinstall Cydia, you should ensure your
iDevice does not have any components of the previously installed Cydia as this
would result in errors and incompatibility issues after reinstallation. To
remove all of Cydia’s components got to â€Cydia’
and select â€Manage’. From the list,
choose Packages and then select Mobile Substrate. Under Modify, tap on Remove. This process will remove all of Cydia’s apps. This will
only take a few minutes. You can double check the springboard to see if there are
any apps that were left, just to be sure. Now, go to CydiaàManageà
PackagesàCydia Installer
and then select Remove. Once all
these components have been removed, you are now ready to reinstall.

the latest Cydia

Open your iDevice’s web browser such as Safari or
any other browser you may be using and go to Here you can download the latest version
of Cydia and then install it. Remember, it is important that you download only the
latest version of Cydia because if you download an earlier version, you may
still have to upgrade it after the reinstallation.

Cydia with iFile

If your device has the iFile app in it, you are in a
pretty good position. All you have to do is visit and download the latest version of Cydia. After downloading,
launch iFile and then use it to install Cydia. Once in a while iFile may report
an error or two about some missing components but this should not really be a
problem. Once the base is installed Cydia has a way of installing the remaining
components. The installation does not last longer than a minute and you will be

Install Cydia with Redsn0w

An alternative option of installing Cydia is by
use of Redsn0w. If your device does not already have the application, you can download
it and install it. After installation, select the Jailbreak button. A list with checkboxes will then appear. Ensure that
all the checkboxes remain unchecked part from the one next to install Cydia. Once you have made this confirmation, Redsn0w
will now install Cydia in your iDevice. Let the process run to completion. Once
it is finished you are good to go.

The above steps are ideal for users who wish to
reinstall Cydia on iOS 4, 5, 6 or 7. And in case you jailbroke your device using
the Evasion iOS 7 jailbreak, you can easily use Evasion to reinstall Cydia. All
you need to do is run evasion again and check the checkbox with install Cydia option. Cydia should be
back in your iDevice in no time.


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