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Review of source hipstore cydia for ios 7 – a great Installous Alternative

hipstore logoHipStore is yet another alternative to Installous and it works in a very similar way with iFunBox. If you find it annoying or you just hate getting your apps through your mobile device, then you’ll be happy to know that HipStore allows you to download your favorite apps through your computer. On top of that, the installation process is also greatly simplified, because in order to install the app on your mobile device, you just need to drag and drop the IPA file to it.

This is basically a three steps process, with the first step involving plugging in your USB cable, then downloading your desired IPA files and lastly, transferring them to your iOS device.

What you need to know about HipStore:

First of all, you’ll be very impressed with the download speed which is going to blow you away, especially if you’re coming from other Installous alternatives that don’t fare that well in this department. When it comes to the user interface, it’s not that advanced and fluid, but it’s good enough for most users.

Updates to HipStore

What you’ll also love about the latest version is that it has added a lot of interesting features and fixed many bugs. For instance, Hipstore is now fully compatible with the iPad, its interface has been revamped and the menu has also been greatly improved.  Read on for the source hipstore for ios 7!

If you want to use Hipstore repo in order to download and install IPA files, then you that involves taking a few steps. First of all, download your desired IPA file and then go to in order to install the IPA installer. After that’s done, launch it. Lastly, look for the IPA file in the download section so you can install it.

HipStore Pros:

• Impressive download speed.

Hipstore Cons:

• While the interface has been updated, it still lacks the fluidity you’d find in apps like AppCake or iFunBox.
• There’s also the language problem, so if you don’t speak Vietnamese, then you’ll need to use Google translate for everything.


We have been impressed by this app, the updates mean that we can use it across all of our iOs devices.  The speed of download is great, an HipStore is very easy to install,

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