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How to Download Cydia for Android


Cydia lives up to expectations diversely in Android gadgets contrasted with iOS gadgets. iOS clients need to escape their gadgets with a specific end goal to introduce Cydia. When they download Cydia to their gadget, they have to include Cydia sources and after that download their coveted broke applications. This is on the grounds that Apple never permits their clients ... Read More »

Install Cydia with Openappmkt

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What is Openappmkt? Openappmkt is an alternative to App Store, and even to Cydia.  It was a great idea when it came out, and its still available if you want to give it a go. First thing to do is head on over to and fire it up.  You need to do this on your phone and in Safari, ... Read More »

How to Download and Install AppSync for iOS 7


AppSync is very popular and almost hundred percent of the jailbreak users install this awesome AppSync to the iDevice. Why? Well, when an iOS user buy any app from the App Stores, that app is signed by only for your iDevice. So the user will not be able to transfer the apps from one device to another. This is very ... Read More »

Use Upscale to Change the Resolution of Your iPhone


Upscale is one of the latest  jailbreak tweak that allows the users to run higher resolutions on the jailbroken iPhones. This tweak basically makes it possible simply to run iPhone 6 or even 6 Plus resolution on any older devices like iPhone 5 or even iPhone 5s. This hack applies the latest resolution system which affects stock apps as well as also  home Screen. ... Read More »

iOS 8 Jailbreak Mac Version Coming Soon


iOS 8 Jailbreak Mac Version Coming Soon! Well, it’s a great news especially for the Mac Users. Windows users have already enjoyed the advantage of Pangu Jailbreak. The developers of the latest iOS 8 jailbreak have recently announced this great news via Twitter.  A Mac version of iOS 8 jailbreak should be available just in a couple of days. If you do not ... Read More »

How to Install iOS 8 Jailbreak


Probably, you have heard that iOS 8 jailbreak has already released. Though it is not suitable for all, however; you may want to give it a try. So today we are going to discuss how you can install iOS 8 jailbreak on your device. Before doing else other possibilities on your iDevice you’ll have to have ios 8.1 introduced as ... Read More »

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