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The latest ios 8 jailbreak news

iOS-8-cydia updateEver since Apple has announced the release of iOS 8 the interest for the latest ios 8 jailbreak news spiked. The jailbreaking community was not only delighted to hear this, but at the same time many would already picture the amount of great improvements and functionality they would get with the new OS update. However, while other versions of the popular operating system were very simple to jailbreak, it seems that iOS 8 is not giving up that easily.

Current news on Jailbreak

When apple introduced iOS 8 a few weeks ago and also made it possible for the developers to get their hands on the beta version, everyone kept wondering whether this version can be jailbroken or not. Based on current news though, it seems that there is no available jailbreak for the new mobile operating system yet(!) and that people are still waiting for a release date.

i0n1c’s take on the new version of iOS

Jailbreaker guru, security expert and developer Stefan Esser, also known in the Cydia community as “i0n1c” has posted a few messages on his Twitter account, announcing that he has downloaded the new iOS version and said that after running a few tests, there is no sign of the new OS fixing anything. He also tried dumping the kernel, but the code has changed and there were no patches to be found.

While a jailbreak may be in the works, those who know i0n1c well, are fully aware that he will never release a public jailbreak. However, people are still keeping their hopes up high, praying that equally talented hackers such as evad3rs will patch up where Stefan Esser didn’t want to.

What will eventually follow are a great number of beta releases and no one is truly expecting to see a fully functional jailbreak tool but after the new operating system is publicly released. The reason behind this is that if someone releases a jailbreak tool, then Apple could quickly patch it up before the official public launch and render their efforts useless.

iOS 8 Jailbreak is still MIA

The people behind Cydia said on their Facebook page that the new jailbreak will change quite a few things and allow people to experience some much coveted functionalities. Currently though, it’s all a waiting game and everyone who’s been an iPhone user over the years and jailbroken it every single time a new version of iOS was released is very┬ámuch familiar with how these things go.

Stefan Esser and the evad3r team are all doing their job of trying to jailbreak the operating system and prepare it properly so it
can be released after Apple takes on the public launch. And while it’s understandable that a lot of people are craving for the jailbreak and want it now, waiting a bit more will make things better for everyone.

At the end of the day, if you’re part of the jailbreak community you have to support the people that make these things possible
and not pester them because you don’t like playing the waiting game.

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