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Top 5 Jailbreak paid ios apps for your Cydia Phone

Top 5 Jailbreak paid iOS apps

With all that Apple’s iOS have to offer, there is always a reason for one to jailbreak. Jailbreaking is one of the best ways of freeing your iPhone and getting that much needed control and flexibility over your device. Here our our Top 5 Jailbreak paid ios apps:

So, what are some of the best jailbreak apps from Cydia?


SBSettings a top 5 cydia app

SBSettings is one of those apps that has not only stood the test of time but has also proved to be the most important applications in the iOS. The idea behind this app is to enable you easy access to most of your commonly used features in your device such as adjusting the display’s brightness, switching to Airplane mode, Bluetooth and 3G.

SBSettings also allows you to download more toggles from Cydia, besides the built in ones.

Additionally, you can also customize the SBSettings themes if you want to change its look. In the Notifications centre, just enable SBSettings and device management doesn’t get any easier.  Note though, this app is not yet ios7 compatible

Download here


Dreamboard a top 5 cydia app

Previously, a lot of jailbreakers have relied heavily on Summerboard and Winterboard to customize app icons and other default screen interfaces.

Dreamboard is the latest app in this field and as it is, it shows more promise than its predecessors. Dreamboard comes with a built in app and theme customization capability. It gives you the freedom to play around with your icon designs and keep swapping and flipping them until you are contented
with its final look, aesthetically of course. You, therefore, need not to worry if you are one of those choosy characters who crave control over everything, Dreamboard will take care of you.


IntelliScreenX a top 5 cydia app

The new IntelliScreenX app has been rattling feathers in some quarters with its latest features. This app is miles ahead of the previous LockInfo app and it seems like it will be ages before David Ashman comes even close to this. The uniqueness in this app lies in the fact that it easily integrates with the Notifications Centre already available in your iDevice. IntelliScreenX gives you the opportunity to customize your lockscreen to allow you easy access to all your information from there. You can also have your toggles customized thanks to the top shelf feature.

Dashboard X 2.0

Dashboard X 2.0 a top 5 cydia app

Apple has for a long time not embraced the idea of widgets, even when its greatest competitor, Android, used it as the center of its app development. A few widgets can be found here and there in the Notification Center but generally Apple’s iOS do not have widgets. However, the Dashboard X 2.0 app gives you the power to have all the widgets you may need in your iDevice. After installation, all your downloaded widgets can be placed on the homescreen and not in the notification Center as is the norm with iOS.


activator a top 5 cydia app

The activator is one app that you will end up using whether intentionally or unintentionally. So important is the utility that some apps even require that you first install it before using them. This app allows you to easily get to the toggles you use frequently. If you are a fun of texting, a quick gesture that easily brings up the BiteSMS would be ideal and could save you a lot of time. With activator, you can easily assign a gesture to this application and every time you want to text, Activator will invoke the gesture and BiteSMS pops up.

There you have it our top 5 Cydia apps.  What are your favourite apps?  Let us know below!

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