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Troubleshoot Cydia Refresh Problems and Issues

Troubleshoot Cydia Refresh Problems and Issues

Occasionally you may experience a circumstance where Cydia won’t quit “Reloading Data”.   You now have some Cydia Refresh Problems and we can help troubleshoot this!

 Causes of Cydia Refresh Problems:

To start with lets look at the main causes to refresh issues in Cydia.  There are four main reasons why your phone is not refreshing properly:

  1. You have to many repros installed (ask yourself if you need them all!)
  2. Some repros need online access, check your connection are you using a hotspot that needs to be logged in?
  3. Many Packages access the Cydia store for updates these can cause hangs
  4. Buggy Repros!

With all these issues it easy to see how there can be a problem. So how to go about fixing it ?

Cydia Refresh Probems

First Investigate why Cydia has not refreshed!

Ok so now we know what the main causes are lets go ahead and take out the offending repro(s)

Fixing a Stuck Data Issue

  1. Make sure you have a good data connection
  2. Launch your Cydia App
  3. Select sources from the end of the list
  4. Find any sources with an issue (spinning wheel!)
  5. End the stuck sources – write down any sources that are problems as you are going to delete them and you want to remember which are going
  6. Slide the name of the source left to reveal the delete button – delete every source causing problems.

Ok so its not ideal having to delete repos, but at the moment its the only way to manage them.  Until there is a disable repro button that is!

If you have any other Cydia Refresh Problems please leave a comment below!



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