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Using the ProTube HD Cydia app

ProTube HD is rated as a top Cydia app
and is described as a tweak which makes the user experience of the YouTube a lot
more enriched.

It is not simply another tweak for the YouTube.
It comprises of a full suite for YouTube’ers
which is experienced on the iPhone. The chief features comprise of an HD and also
SD downloads of video, ability to download very high quality MP3 coupled with
HD streaming, and management of the downloaded videos.

HD: The Best YouTube App For IOS

All the normal things you expect while
experiencing the YouTube are available. Additionally, it can block YouTube advertisements
which means that there is no need to wait for an ad feature to finish before
the video can be viewed. The viewing experience can be determined in either high definition (HD) and also in standard definition (SD) using ProTube HD from
150p right upto 1080p in picture quality.

The app enables the user to readily copy an
URL for a video and then share it through the social networks and also through emails.
All videos along with the audio component can be downloaded by use of the ProTube
HD but legalities and permissions from the creator are the user’s

Overall, ProTube HD is
a brilliant app with wonderful features and superb quality at
$1.49. You can download ProTube HD from the Big Boss Repo. At the time
of making the video, it was priced

Overall, ProTube HD is
a brilliant app offering excellent features and great quality. It can
be downloaded from the Big Boss Repository and is priced at around $1.49.

HD Cydia App as a Replacement for Jailbroken iPad 1 G or 2 G

The ProTube
HD Cydia application is a complete YouTube app with lots of
useful features compared with the Apple’s standard for the
first-generation and second-generation iPads. Unlimited numbers of YouTube
videos can be downloaded and watched offline. If only the audio track from
musical presentations needs to be filtered from the video and saved in an MP3
format, it can be easily done.

The application has a full functionality download manager,
and is supported for AirPlay so videos can be streamed to a
TV. Downloads are able to be interrupted and the ProTube HD has the
functionality to block out irritating ads and this loading of the videos in YouTube
very fast.

A version of the application is there for an iPhone and
also for a Touch iPod. The YouTube application for Google is one of the best in
its class, but you cannot download videos by default, you cannot
change the playback quality, or choose the default playback quality,
etc.. Put another way, it still lacks a lot of things to
the YouTube application.

Clicking on “Downloads” in the
ProTube menu on the left gives the progress of downloads, which can be paused, cancelled
and restarted and it also provides access to the videos that have already been.
Even downloads that have failed can be
resumed to retry a download.

One of the novelties of ProTube is that
the download of a video begins when it is clicked on and held briefly. There
is also a menu where the quality you want to download the video can be selected
or even the audio can be downloaded in isolation after delinking from the
video. The need to play the video along with the download is not necessary.

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