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What is Cydia and Why is it So Special?

If you own an Apple device, chances are that you may be wishing that there were more to it than premium apps from Apple Store. This is where the concept of “Jailbreaking” i-Devices came from, way back in 2008. One of the best tools that have been developed by third parties to help in this issue, is Cydia.

So, What is Cydia, Why Should I Install It?

Cydia is an app which was developed by third parties, for the sole purpose of acting as a more affordable version of the Apple Store. Through it, you may download jailbroken apps and perform tweaks on an iPhone or an iPad, which were not formerly possible. However, the device that you will use to run Cydia will have to be jailbroken before the application is installed and run.

Some Background on Cydia

This powerful application was developed and maintained by Jay Freeman. It has become very popular among millions of users who have done a jailbreak on their Apple devices. Although jailbreaking itself is legal in the U.S.A, there has been a fierce battle between Apple and third parties who jailbreak the devices. For someone wondering what jailbreaking is: this is the process by which iOS restrictions are lifted from Apple Devices so that they may be tweaked, for enhanced user experiences.

Advantages of Cydia Over Apple Store

Apple has a strict culture of vetting the apps that can be sold through its App Store. Most of these are then priced exorbitantly, to the dismay of the customers. However, Cydia goes around this obstacle, offering the free or cheaper versions of those apps which were in the store. In addition, the application allows access to over 450,000 other applications, some of which are remarkably useful, to be procured by the users.

After the app runs, there is more freedom for the user to customize their device. Features like themes, which are not possible for devices just released from Apple. Tools like Winterboard allow you to tailor the style of the phone according to your taste. You may even set video tones to ring on the event of an incoming call, as opposed to using an audio ringing tone.

Due to the fact that Cydia allows almost every app to be downloaded and installed into the Apple device, some users have expressed concerns on the safety of the application during the jailbreaking process. For this reason, there are some trusted sites and repositories hosting the free versions of apps – such as BigBoss.

The Cydia Menu

Cydia, after installation, has 5 tabs. These are Home, Changes, Manage, Search and Sections. Using these different tags, you may take control of the device and customize it as you wish, since it acts as a switchboard for the phone customization. You may manage repositories, see changes that have been effected regarding the app, install and remove applications, search for tweaks and pretty much everything regarding the use of a jailbroken Apple device.

Every time you see something cool on the Apple Store, you may simply search for it and download via Cydia, with little or no difficulty. The payment system of the app, instead of the normal Apple ID, is through PayPal or Amazon payment methods.


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