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Big guide to the cydia tweaks and updates ios 8

Ever since Apple has released information about iOS 8 everyone has gone crazy over it, thinking that it’s the best version of the famous operating system since the discovery of hot water. And if you cannot wait until fall in order to get your hands on it and test out its functionality, no one will judge you for that. However, we could make things better for you and quench that thirst for experiencing it in its full glory by letting you know more about the amazing cydia tweaks and updates ios 8 you’ll find included in it as following.

FlipFlop – Alt tab for your iDevice


While Apple has been focusing on infusing elements from iOS into OS X in 2014, it seems that one of the jailbreak tweaks doesn’t actually want to do that and sets out to achieve the complete opposite. So when’s the last time you could use the popular “Alt TAB” feature in iOS devices? More likely never and that’s what makes it so interesting. This tweak will be made available to Apple’s mobile operating system by using the popular Activator package from Ryan Petrich.

After you’ll manage installing the package, you can easily proceed with assigning an Activator action to FlipFlop and voila! You’ll easily be able to switch between 2 open iOS apps. Now this should be enough to make many iPhone users drool all over!  Grab the source from Github

While bringing alt-tab function to your phone, it does need you to tap the home button to activate.

Let me know what you think of Flipflop in the comments below.


Vertex Cydia Planet

For a very long time users have been putting pressure on Bill Labus, the man behind the Vertex tweak and it seems that he finally gave in and set out to make it possible so Vertex can be released with the launch of iOS 8. So what is Vertex? Well, the app uses a swipe up gesture (sort of like Zephyr) in order to help you bring up the application switcher. It includes not only the application cards, but the control center, too. Using the application switcher, you can now easily switch between any application you want, while at the same time still be able to manage your music, your screen brightness levels and of course, your toggles.

There are also some interesting options you can meddle with in the app’s settings menu, including rounding the app’s card corners, exchanging the background from the blurred wallpaper look to one that is completely gray and so on. Lastly, you should know that if you want to rearrange the toggles, you can do that by going to the settings menu. As for scrolling through them, you can choose to do so by either vertical or horizontal paging.


Haven’t you gotten tired of typing passwords every time you want to use an app? Well frankly, no one likes to do this over and over again adn that’s where iTouchSecure comes into play. This tweak allows you to use the full functionality of Touch ID in order to automatically fill passwords for you. As a result, you’ll no longer need to worry about typing any such sensitive information from now on, making it much easier adn faster to use your favorite apps. Keep in mind though that getting this app from Cydia will cost you $5.

There are certainly some amazing tweaks adn updates in store for you with the release of iOS 8 and they’ll definitely change the way you use your iPhone. Now hopefully these news calmed you down a bit and didn’t make it harder for you to wait for their release!

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