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Where to Download Cydida for ios 7

Why would I want to
jailbreak my Apple iOS 7 Device?

Well, the main reasons why you may want to jailbreak your Apple iOS 7 devices
is because it enables you to install third party apps that are not available on
Apple’s App Store. Further, it allows you to customize the look of your device
right from the theme to ringtones. Depending on how far you are willing to take
your game, you can do more that this; jailbreaking allows you to unlock your
phone and use it even with another carrier other than the one you purchased it

Are there risks?

As far as research
goes, there are no risk involved with jailbreaking your device. Anything you do
can be reset by adjusting your device to default settings. However, you should
ensure that the jailbreaking tool you are using is suitable for iOS 7. Otherwise,
you risk losing data or breaking your device. Here are some of the issues
jailbreaking your device may cause;

You won’t be able to update your IOS device over the air via the
settings menu

If you install a lot of tweaks, your batter may run out faster.

Some tweaks may not be supported by your device iOS and they may crush
your Springboard.

A few but rare packages from Cydia can crush you device forcing you to
result to a full restoration from iTunes.

However, most of these have quick fix. All you need is to have all your
data backed up in iCloud just in case you have to go back and reinstall.

Where to Download Cydia for
iOS 7: There are two ways main sites where you can download Cydia for iOS 7

Method 1: Downloading
Evasion Tool on your computer

1. Go to
and down the newest version of Evasion.

2. Follow the instructions given until a loader appears asking you
whether you want to download evasion. Click yes and wait for Cydia to download.
This jail breaking tool comes with Cydia as an attachment.

Method 2: How to Get Cydia Icon on iOS 7 without

1. To download Cydia on your iphone running on iOS 7, here is a sharp
trick. On you device, launch Safari and go to

2. On this site, you will see a mobile version. Just, tap on the up
arrow as shown. This will give you the option to save the page on your device
home screen. When asked to save the app, just type in Cydia and click Ok.

By now you will see a Cydia icon on your iphone running on iOS 7. It actually
does not jail break your phone but it tricks someone into believing you have
jailbroken your phone.

Cydia and iOS 7

Cydia is highly compatible with
most Apple phone model including iPad, Ipod Touch, Iphone and iOS 7. It has
continued to grow and as more developers join in and develop their own tweaks,
Cydia is no longer an app for iOS users to have fun. Freeman has lately joined
in to release a Cydia substrate for Android user.

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