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How to Get Cydia Installer for Free


If you want to use Cydia, then it is a must for you to jailbreak your iDevice first. Without jailbreaking, you will not be able to install Cydia for free! After completion of the jailbreak process, you need to simply open the application download Cydia on your Device. If you are doing it for the first time, then it may ... Read More »

How to Backup Cydia Apps after Jailbeaking


One of the irritating thing about iPhone is that when you will update your iPhone to a new iOS or even when you will jailbreak it, it will start to reinstall all your jailbreak apps. It is a tedious job, especially if you’ve a bunch of apps, tweaks and also jailbreak apps. But there is an easy solution to backup Cydia apps, themes, tweaks, and ... Read More »

Great News! iOS 8 Jailbreak Released!


YES! Unexpectedly the most wanted iOS 8 jailbreak has released recently. It is the talked about topic and everyone is eagerly waiting to know the details about how they can jailbreak their iOS 8 with pangu Jailbreak.   The Pangu Team has released the jailbreak within 34 days after launching the iOS 8.1. It is a great victory. However; Cydia ... Read More »

Top 3 Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7


Jailbreaking has already changed a ton throughout the years, and the fundamental motivations to escape nowadays are to alter the look of ios, fix irritations, as well as also include some cunning new gimmicks. It’s unquestionably not as energizing as it once might have been, yet there’s still bounty to do. In case you are new to jailbreaking, look at ... Read More »

SBsettings: An Awesome App for iOS 7

iPhone Control Center

Alongside the presentation of the Jailbreak Evasion utility, with the plausibility of Jailbreak, individuals were enthusiastic to discover whether their darling Cydia tweak, awesome SBsettings for ios 7 has soon gotten to be accessible. It gives the idea that not long after the release, most of the designers of jailbreak  overhauled the greater part of their applications with a specific ... Read More »

How to jailbreak your iPhone and install cydia

Cydia Box

Cydia is an application developed by Jay Freeman that runs on iPhone operating system. It functions as a “package management system” or online shop allowing users to download application useable on jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Most applications available via Cydia are free 3rd party, and they cannot be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Cydia store also offer several applications for sale, not available ... Read More »

How to backup iphone in 5 easy steps

Cydia planet retina

Like many people who use an iPhone, you certainly have some sensitive and valuable information stored on it that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. And since you carry your phone with you everywhere you go, chances are that sooner or later you might just lose it. However, you don’t have to worry too much about this, since you can ... Read More »

IOS8 jailbreak achieved already!


Ok so this news is a couple of weeks old. But it has happned, before most of us have even got our hands on the new beta for iOS8. a user going by the name i0n1c (Stefan Esser) has accessed the SSH shell. If he can access the shell, then the good news is so can anyone else. He did ... Read More »

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